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sabato 1 dicembre 2007

1st of December 2007 ... early morning wake up

It was since long time I was wondering to get up early in the morning to go on mountain taking photos, but until today I never made that “desire” true. But today .. was the day! I was checking weather forecast all the week, and everything was going right so yesterday I took the final decision: on the next morning I would have left my bed at 5.30 in the morning .. ouch! And that was … When the alarm clock was shouting me, my first thought was to switch it off and to keep on my warm and sweet sleeping, but after 5 minutes I took all the courage available in myself to make the step, the one to get off my bedroom to head the bathroom to have a shower! I collected all the photography equipment and quickly I jumped on the car to drive to Valcava, a lovely place at 1340 meters altitude and roughly one hour driving from my house. I had to push the pedal on the metal to catch the first light of the morning, but when I arrived I was really satisfied and happy for the right decision to leave my bedroom without me! As I opened the car door a freezing wind overwhelmed my body but I was there and nothing could have kept away from taking photos. The first hour shooting was damn cold but manageable, it was from 7 to 8 am …. then suddenly weather forecast changed completely, clouds were quickly claiming the mountain to cover all the amazing view I had in front of me. I took a few more pictures of the frozen lake but at 8.30 my hands were really painful and I lost most of their sensitivity so I decided to head my car. Outside the car it was almost impossible to see because it was completely foggy … slowly and carefully I left the parking place to drive back at home. I was really exhaust but satisfied for the amazing view and pictures I took
Here below a few example

Enjoy Ciao Domenico

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