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domenica 12 agosto 2007

tomorrow will leave towards Gran Sasso starting my summer adventure!

yes, finally the d-day is come! Tomorrow in the morning I will leave my parents house to drive towards Gran Sasso. It will take quite a time to arrive the destination hotel, as I want to enjoy the journey with as many stops as I'll be inspired by landscapes. I’ll use quote extensively my photo equipment to take memories and testimonials for places which I expect to be unique and unforgettable.
On the home page of my site ( I just enabled a new service, to highlight the area which I planned to visit. Thanks the Google Earth’s technology it’s quite easy to do that. That’s the first time I do that, and I had a lot of fun and I count to continue in doing such kind of mixing between different technologies.
Not sure if I’ll find any Internet connection, so probably I’ll be able to publish news not before the next Saturday / Sunday depending on when I return back to Lanciano.

Stay in touch and talk to you soon …

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